Amigo Blanket, Colorful Warmth

The Amigo blanket is a colourful patchwork crochet blanket that works up way faster than expected! (The secret ingredient for that is the hdc! Again ;-))

Crochet blanket

Since the energy crisis started, we’re looking for more natural ways to stay warm. We as crocheters are truly experiencing the benefits of our craft now!! I’ve made more crochet blankets and I even designed a poncho (The Palomine poncho) to keep me warm.

With autumn around the corner we need to start preparing for those colder days!

As many people, last year we decided to turn the heating lower. In our case lower meant going from 18.5 to 17.5 degrees. Let’s see if we can go to 17 degrees!

Stranded colourwork technique

I used the Stranded Colourwork technique for this patchwork crochet blanket. When you change to  a new colour, you leave the old one hanging at the back of your work to pick it up later.

This way you’ll have a minimum of ends to weave in at the end of your project. I personally love it. And its really easy!!

The warm fall colours are my favourite but you can choose your own style for this crochet blanket. Amigo is available in many different colours!

I’ve included step by step photos and a chart for the border. The pattern is suitable for the advanced beginner. The most important stitches are the half double crochet and single crochet. I’ve made a photo tutorial to make it even easier.

Yarn selection: Hobbii Amigo

For this crochet blanket I used Hobbii Amigo in eleven different warm colours. I wanted to give it that autumnal touch. Amigo is available in 61 different colours so you can create your own personal colour palette.

These are the colours I used:

  • Rust (A40) 100g
  • Curry (A38) 110g
  • Dark Steel (A11) 110g
  • Gray Melange (A09) 88g
  • Petroleum Green (A32) 98g
  • Dusty Green (A27) 110g
  • Walnut (A05) 110g
  • Mauve (A50) 110g
  • Light Lilac (A48) 110g
  • Dark Beige (A04) 110g
  • Cognac (A39) 78g

Amigo is a DK weight acrylic yarn that’s soft as a feather. It’s the perfect yarn for soft, warm blankets that will not be itchy at all. It has a wonderful, airy volume. It is produced from 100% HB acrylic of a very high quality and comes in a big selection of colors.

By the way, HB stands for High-bulk. It is a production technique that uses steam and pressure to make the fibers contract a little and curl so that they become fuller. The result is a light and soft yarn that is both comfortable to work with.

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