Crochet has changed my life and world. I want to go to bed in the evening because I cant wait for the new day to start so I can work on my projects. I even dream about crochet. Write out whole patterns in my head when I’m awake at night. I live and breathe crochet.

That wasn’t my intention when I first picked up a hook and learned myself how to crochet through YouTube video’s. The reason I picked up that hook , was that I thought I was way too much on my phone and I wanted to set the right example for my daughter. I just wanted to have something to do whilst sitting on the couch and watching Dora with her.

Now, I live and breathe crochet. “Yarn” is my middle name 😉
It has made me a happier person. The serotonin and dopamine my body produces whilst making and creating are my best friends 😉

On this website I hope I can inspire you to make your own little creations and experience your own army of happy hormones created by creating!

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