A Chic and Sustainable Bag with the Mitred Granny Bag Crochet Pattern

Mitred Granny Squares Love

My adoration for mitred granny squares knows no bounds. The allure of creating a Mitred Granny bag was irresistible, echoing the joy of crafting the Mitred Granny Jumper. A glimpse on Pinterest ignited this love affair, where the unique and quirky design of a Mitred Granny square caught my eye, proving to be a delightful twist on the traditional version.

The Creation of Mitred Granny Bag

Embarking on the journey to craft the Mitred Granny bag, involves the assembly of two panels, each composed of four mitred granny squares. The ensuing step is the joining of the two panels, followed by the crafting of a simple, yet sturdy handle, ideal for hanging on a bike’s steering wheel, melding convenience with style.

Opting for Scheepjes Cahlista

The choice of yarn is paramount, and Scheepjes Cahlista stands out with its exceptional beauty and vast colour palette, comprising 109 distinct shades. The yarn’s non-stretch and 100% biodegradable properties make it perfect for bag crafting. Embracing autumn hues for the bag resonates with my aesthetic, and the minimal yarn requirement for each square makes it an ideal stash-busting project.

The Perfect Beginner Project

With its swift and straightforward construction, the Mitred Granny bag is a beginner-friendly crochet pattern. The accompanying printable PDF further eases the process, offering valuable photos and a chart, available in both US and Dutch terms. Utilize your cotton scraps, and your Mitred Granny bag will come to life in no time.

Join the Mitred Granny Bag Community

Your creation journey doesn’t end here. Share your works in progress and finished Mitred Granny bag on Instagram, using the hashtags #mitredgrannybag and #knotsosquare. Your shared masterpieces will bring immense joy and inspiration to the crafting community and me!

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